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Summer Practice

Summer Practice

Summer practice is part of practical training aimed at students in the 2nd, 4th and 5th year of their medical studies. Lasting two weeks, it is taken during the summer months and covers the following subjects:

·         2nd year – Nursing (voluntary)            

·         4th year – Surgery and Internal medicine

·         5th year – Gynaecology & Obstetrics and Paediatrics

You can complete your practice in Slovakia or abroad. If completing your practice in Slovakia, it will be held at a healthcare facility that has a contractual agreement with JFMED.

The Faculty does not have any formal agreements in place with overseas healthcare providers or facilities. When completing the summer practice abroad, the onus is on the student to find a suitable healthcare facility that meets the practice requirements and can provide an appropriate supervised training environment.

Healthcare facility

By a healthcare facility, we mean:  

Hospitals (national health and private), Clinics, Outpatients units and surgeries, Specialised acute services and diagnostic centre, Hospices with nursing, Ambulance servic, etc. 

Note: The healthcare facility must meet the requirements of the subject. If you are unsure about the suitability of your chosen healthcare facility, please contact the subject Guarantor.

Applying for summer practice

To apply for the summer practice, please complete the request form and submit it to the relevant clinic. You may submit the form via email to the clinic´s PA (secretary) or you can hand it in person.

Allocation letters

To be able to view and download the summer practice allocation letters, please log-in with your AIS credentials.