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Diploma Theses

Thesis Defence timetable

Please check this timetable for your date, time-slot and the place of your meeting.

Thesis defence meeting

On the day of your face-to-face thesis defence meeting, you will need to submit printed copies of the following documents to the committee administrator or the chairperson

  • a copy of your thesis assignment (please print the Slovakian version from AIS. The document is called “Zadanie záverečnej práce”)
  • a title page
  • your power-point presentation (in electronic format)

Submission deadline for the 5th year students 

Submission deadline: 8th August 2022

As per the Rector´s Directive No. 12/2013, the earliest you can upload your Diploma Thesis (DT) to the AIS system is 90 days before the state exam (diploma thesis defence). In the AY 2021/22, the earliest you can upload your DT to AIS is 7th June 2022. 

Licence Agreement 

After uploading your Diploma Thesis to AIS, you will be required to sign a Licence Agreement (LA). The LA needs to be signed electronically; there is no need to print your LA and thesis as a hard copy. Please follow this link to a short video that demonstrates the online signing process. To watch the video, you will be asked to sign in with your AIS credentials.

Important information

All universities in Slovakia are required by law to deposit diploma thesis and students’ final work at an open access repository called Centrálny register záverečných prác (CRZP). If you wish to delay the open access to your work for longer than 12 months, please contact Ms Dullová at  before you upload your thesis to AIS.

Uploading your documents

Before you upload your thesis to the system, please ensure that the thesis title and the thesis assignment title are identical. There is no need to sign the electronic version of the thesis assignment page. 

Please note that it is only possible to upload your thesis to AIS once. It is not possible to make changes to the document, once it has been marked as “final”.

The thesis must be submitted electronically in PDF format (with the option of having it converted to Word via the AIS system. Once submitted, please notify Mrs Katarína Dullová as well as the committee administrator immediately.


Useful guides and resources

Internal Regulation of CU No. 7/2011 on Theses

Manual for Study Evidence and Theses

Guidelines for Diploma Thesis writing, submission and defense

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