Jessenius Faculty of Medicine
in Martin
Comenius University Bratislava


Frequently asked questions

How to apply?

  • Complete and submit the online application HERE
  • For information and help with the e-application, please refer to this Guide

The admission test dates for 2024/25

- Thursday 21st March 2024         (application deadline 7th of March 2024)

 - Friday 12th of July 2024           (application deadline 1st July 2024)

 - Saturday 10th of August 2024  (application deadline 1st August 2024)

All admission exams are held online.

Can I take the admission test twice?

No, you can only take the test once.

What fees do I pay?

  • Tuition fee for one academic year (two semesters) is 10.900 EUR.
  • Admission fee of 70 EUR is payable at the time of  submission of your application
  • All fees are payable via BACS

Online testing environment

The admission exam will be held online and is delivered in partnership with a company called SCIO. More information about the online admission test can be found HERE

What documents do I have submit after I am admitted and what is the process?  

To confirm that you have completed secondary education in your country and are able to study at the university level , you must send us (by post), your apostilled original End of Secondary School Certificate with final results (later only referred to as Certificate) document. Every country calls their Certificates differently; in English speaking countries, these are referred to as A-levelsAbirturprufung in German-speaking countries, etc. The important thing is that your secondary school leaving certificate corresponds with the European Qualification Framework level 4 and enables you to study at the university level

Note: The Certificate must be apostilled, translated and finally validated by the Ministry of Education in Slovakia, before you enrol/register for the academic year. 

The process for obtaining the Certificate validation

 1. Your Certificate must be apostilled/ superlegalized  in the (Certificate) issuing country. A government department usually issues the apostille – please check for details in the issuing country. 

 2. Once your Certificate has been apostilled, it will need to be translated into the Slovak language by an official translator  (subject to fees).

 3. When your apostilled and translated Certificate is received, the JFMED office will pass it for validation to the District Office of the Ministry of Education SR . The validation process can take up to 30 days and you will need to authorise us to act on your behalf (template will be provided). Please note that you have to sign this document in front of a notary public person in your home country and return it to the JFMED admission office by post. 

For more information, please refer to this page.