Jessenius Faculty of Medicine
in Martin
Comenius University Bratislava


How to apply?

Fill in Online Application Form HERE

E-application step-by-step can be found HERE

When is the application deadline and entrance exam dates?

There are 2 dates of online admission exam:

4 June 2022  -  application deadline 18 May 2022

9 July 2022 -  application deadline 27 June 2022

12 August 2022  -   application deadline 1 August 2022

How to prepare for the admission test?

Questions of admission test cover the content of knowledge in Biology and Chemistry from secondary school. Syllabi of questions can be found HERE. The admission test consists of 40 multiple choice questions with only one correct answer (each question having 6 alternative answers) in Biology and 40 multiple choice questions in Chemistry. Maximum allowed time is 80 minutes.

Can I take the admission test twice?

No, every applicant is allowed to take the admission test only once in the given academic year.

What tuition fee do I pay?

Tuition fee is 10.900 EUR per academic year. Admission fee of 70 EUR is due after admission.

What do I need to know about the testing environment?

The testing environment is entirely online.  Further information will be available in due time.

One of admission requirements is to provide an original hard-copy of the final transcript GCSE with authentication. Why do I still have to send it if I have uploaded it electronically in E-application?

You are obliged to provide a hard copy of GCSE by a specified date. Your original document must be authenticated with super legalization or apostille in the country of issuing, for the purpose of validation by Slovak Ministry of Education . After the successful passing of the entrance exam, you are conditionally admitted with the requirement to complete the validation.  We provide an assistance to admitted students with the process.

What is an authentication and how does it work?

Authentication is the process of certifying that the document issued by the institution is genuine and valid. Authentication is necessary when you want to use your document out of the country where it was issued. There are two different types of Authentication required by the Ministry of Education in the Slovak Republic. If the country is HCCH members, you will need an apostille. All other countries must legalize official documents by the Ministry of Foreign affairs and then superlegalize it by the embassy of the Slovak Republic. An authentication is not required only if the country has bilateral agreement with the Slovak Republic.

What if I am not able to send my authenticated GCSE until Admission Exam?

If the completion of your secondary school at the proper level will be delayed due to the circumstances related to the pandemic situation, personal or other reasons, and therefore you will be unable to submit the document by the date of admission exam, please, contact the department for admission for further guidance.

Can I defer my place?

We will support you through the admissions process and we hope that you will be able to take up your place as expected. If you have difficulties with any aspects of the admissions process, please contact us to see whether these could be resolved. At this stage, there is still time for applicants to meet conditions. The right to be enrolled to study at the Faculty expire by the date specified for enrolment. It is not possible to defer your place at the faculty to the next academic year.