Jessenius Faculty of Medicine
in Martin
Comenius University Bratislava


Timetables05. 09. 2018

TIMETABLES for academic year 2019/2020.

Opening Ceremony of the academic year 2018/201928. 08. 2018

Opening Ceremony of the academic year 2018/2019 at the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine CU in Martin, will be held on September 25, 2018 (Tuesday) at 10 a.m. in...

Study program22. 08. 2018

STUDY PROGRAM for Academic year 2018/2019.

Schedule of Enrolments for the academic year 2018/201924. 08. 2018

Schedule of Enrolments for the academic year 2018/2019

Schedule of Academic Year 2018/201905. 09. 2018

Schedule of Academic Year 2018/2019

Dean's day off06. 04. 2018

In connection with XXXVIII. Students´ Scientific Conference the Dean of JFMED CU GIVES THE DEAN´S DAY OFF to all registered - active and passive participants...

Rector´s day off and dean´s day off20. 03. 2018

In connection with Easter holidays the Rector of CU prof. RNDr. Karol Mičieta, PhD. gives the rector´s day off on March 29, 2018 (Thursday) and the Dean of...

National Scholarship Programme of the Slovak Republic01. 02. 2018

Scholarships and grants for students, PhD students, university teachers, researchers and artists.

Fibrinogen Martin: Scientists from Comenius University...24. 02. 2018

Congenital fibrinogen disorders are rare disorders of coagulation. Tomáš Šimurda, a doctoral student at Comenius University’s Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in...

Theme – We can. I can.15. 01. 2018

Taking place under the tagline ‘We can. I can.’, World Cancer Day 2016-2018 will explore how everyone – as a collective or as individuals – can do their part...

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