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Schedule for completing of materials needed for curriculum alignment

Proposals for recommended curricula

Proposals for recommended study planes of accredited study programmes of 1.,2., 1. and 2. joint university degrees and 3. university degree


The process of aligning with the standards for study programmes and higher study at JFMED CU


CU internal quality system


Board of study programmes - Jessenius Faculty of Medicine


Board for Accreditation- Jessenius Faculty of Medicine 


Board for Accreditation - Comenius University


Statement of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic on accredited study programmes

  • 1., 2. university degrees and 1. a 2. joint university degree:

General Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing - Bc., Mgr., Midwifery - Bc., Mgr., Public Health - Bc., Mgr.


Board of study programme General Medicine

Board of study programme Dentistry

Board of study programme Nursing

 Board of study programme Midwifery

Board of study programme Public Health

minutes of the study programme board meeting on 3. university degree according to study programmes