Jessenius Faculty of Medicine
in Martin
Comenius University Bratislava

Research activities

Research at the Department of Pharmacology is focused on the pharmacology of resopiratory system, especially on:

- the following of antitussive activity of substances;

- understanding effective mechanism of substances modulating receptors systems and ion channels, involvement of bronchodilating, anti‑inflammatory and analgetic substances activity in modulation cough reflexes and bronchoconstriction with practical clinical effect;

- evaluating nitric oxide activity in changes and preservation of smooth muscle tonus in tissue of respiratory system;

- cooperation with pharmaceutical companies in drug development, affecting activity of respiratory system defensive reflexes which promotes methodical equipment, effects analysis and possibilities of implementing phytopharmaceuticals and new substances in cough treatment;

- mechanism of effects of harmful substances from external enviroment on airway reactivity in vitro and in vivo with possibility of pharmacological modulation;

At workplace there is also observation of:

- reactivity of urinary bladder, uterine and fallopian tubes smooth muscles in  experimental animals and human within cooperation with Urology and Gynecology Clinics of JFM CU and UNM.

 Since 2010 employees of Pharmacology Department JLF UK every year have published reviewed almanac of Department of Pharmacology with name New trends in pharmacotherapy - you can find every publication in PDF in section Zborníky.