Jessenius Faculty of Medicine
in Martin
Comenius University Bratislava

Mission and vision of JFMED CU in science

Science and research at the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine CU in Martin is considered to be an essential part of the existence of the faculty, the source of knowledge acquisition  in education and curative and preventive activity and the basis of quality indicators.  Development of science and research of the faculty helps CU to take a position of a "research university", supports faculty position in the field of international science and increases the quality of medicine and nursing in the scope of the faculty, its University Hospital and the Slovak healthcare and science.

Main instruments of the mentioned objectives are as follows:

  • support  of ŠVOČ (Students´ Scientific Research Activity) and all forms of doctoral studies with the emphasis on full time form of study with the idea to restore and develop human resources and creation of new jobs for scientists and filling these posts by talented young scientists
  • support of  higher and integrated forms of research on a national level (APVV - Slovak Research and Development Agency, VEGA –Scientific Grant Agency , KEGA - Cultural and Educational Grant Agency, Ministry of Health of the SR) and involvement in research in the European and world area
  • support of infrastructure development at  JFMED CU workplaces  and development of the best faculty workplaces by means of the centres of excellence of CU
  • support of new fields of science development with an idea to integrate them into existing medical sciences and  nursing care in health and disease
  • exploitation of results of research activities in the field of education, medical diagnostic, medical and nursing care.