Jessenius Faculty of Medicine
in Martin
Comenius University Bratislava

Graduate study

Subject Molecular biology 3. year general medicine, winter semester 2022, academic year 2023/2024

Subject description:

The graduate should acquire basic overview about molecular biology  in medicine,  knowledge concerning application of the methods of molecular biology in medicine general and in personalized medicine particularly, working with genomic internet brosers, understanding the basic principles of molecular diagnostics,  precision  medicine and interpretation of the results of the molecular-genetic examinations using databases.

Literature: Study material is uploaded in MS Teams

Recommended textbooks and databases:

T . Strachan, J. Goodship, P. Chinnery: Genetics and Genomics in Medicine, 2015 by Garland Science, Taylor and Francis Group, NewYork and London (selected chapters) ISBN 978-0-8153-4480-3 - Online Medelian Inheritance in Man

Prerequisite: Good background knowledge of basic principles of molecular biology and classical genetics is expected  

Lectures – Friday 2 PM - 3:45 PM EC MH4B  

Classes - Department of Molecular Biology and Genomics, Mala hora 4C, 4th. fluor , room 5.51

1.week (Sept. 22rd)

Basics of molecular biology and the molecular nature of the human genome

2.week (Sept. 29th)

Methods in molecular biology I  -  

3. week (Oct. 6th)

Molecular biology of the genes, variant classification,  and  disease-causing pathogenic variants.   

4.week (Oct. 13th)

 Molecular biology of cancer

5. week (Oct. 20th)


 Clinical applications of molecular biology I

6. week (Oct. 27th)

 TEST (Lectures 1-4)

1:30 PM Groups 1,2,3,4,7

2PM Groups 5,6,7,8,9,10

 Clinical applications of molecular biology II

Practical classes

2.10-13.10.  (week 3 and 4)



Methods in molecular biology

16.10.-27.10.  (week 5 and 6)

 Basics of molecular biology 

31.10.-11.11.  (weeks 7 and 8)

Droplet digital PCR in tumor diagnostics, PCR in prenatal testing, an illustrative example of the project


14.11-25.11.  (weeks 9 and 10)


weeks 11 and 12

  Detection and interpretation of DNA variants, molecular diagnostics workflow and algorithm 

  Presentation and discussion of projects,


Attendance and participation:

Your attendance in classes is essential for 80%. If the student is ill, but will be able to learn, respectively. will be quarantined, remote connection to practical class will also be possible.  

Grading: Your final grade from the course will be calculated as follows – 100% attendance classes (one absence can be excused for serious reasons) plus




 Class  3-4 results each 5 %


45 %

45 %

 10 %




A/1 grade = 91-100 points         C/2 grade =73-80 points             E/3 grade =60-65 points


B/1,5 grade = 81-90 points          D/2,5 grade =66-72 points           FX grade=less than 60 points