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J-S-VL-561 Phthisiology - practical part

Conditions for completing the course:

1. Participation in 2 practical exercises 100% in attendance.

2. Successful final assessment. The final evaluation takes place in the form of an online test.

Weight of interim/final assessment: Test


By completing the subject, the student will obtain up-to-date information on the epidemiology, clinical picture, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment and prevention of pulmonary and extrapulmonary tuberculosis.


Practical exercises:

1. Clinical examination of patients with respiratory diseases in the spectrum of differential diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis (patients with active tuberculosis are not examined for epidemiological reasons). Referral of examined patients by students with a discussion on clinical manifestation, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, moderated by a teacher.

2. Draft plan of antituberculosis treatment for patients referred in the previous exercise. Discussion on treatment regimens and its side effects, moderated by a teacher. Subsequently, the students are divided into smaller groups, each group receives an anonymized medical record of a patient with tuberculosis. After becoming familiar with it, students present cases with an emphasis on diagnosis, differential diagnosis and treatment. The presentations are moderated by the teacher and open for discussion by the entire study group.