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Jessenius Faculty of Medicine Teams Triumph in 8th Annual MedGames

Over the course of October 13-14, Jessenius Faculty of Medicine, in conjunction with University Hospital Martin, hosted the 8th rendition of the international MedGames competition for medical and nursing students.

18. 10. 2023 11.57 hod.

The 8th edition of MedGames witnessed the participation of an impressive 97 students. 'There were 19 teams in the general medicine category and 20 teams in the nursing category,' detailed Nina Uhliariková, the event organizer and a student of JFMED.

Teams from medical schools across Slovakia competed for the top spot, with the event also attracting international students from the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine. Meanwhile, nursing teams primarily came from other Slovak regions. Significantly, students from JFMED clinched victory in both categories.

"The objective of this event is the practical application of theoretical knowledge, further aiding future doctors and nurses in their prospective careers," Ms. Uhliariková stated. She emphasized that the competition primarily targeted practical skills and knowledge, promoting enhanced patient communication and team collaboration amongst the students.

JFMED prepared students for the competition by conducting a hands-on workshop. "Participants were given the chance to work with a variety of medical equipment and try out nursing techniques. We ensured the workshop content aligned with the competition's challenges," added co-organizer and medical student, Laura Fedorkova.

The first test was a mass casualty simulation on Friday evening, replicating a chemical attack. This challenge included participation from all emergency services, including the police, fire department, paramedics, and the military.

Saturday's competition was held in the authentic environments of Martin University Hospital, from outpatient departments to operating theaters. The competition tasks were designed by hospital physicians and nurses, who also served as judges. Dr. Matej Súkeník, a member of the organizing committee and a doctor at Martin University Hospital, elaborated on the wide range of clinical tasks students undertook.

When it came to preparing tasks for the nursing students, inter-disciplinary collaboration was key. The competition's underlying aim was to showcase Slovakia's state-of-the-art educational resources and its dedication to high-quality education.

The victors in the medicine category were Team "Triolade", comprising Michaela Muchová, Silvia Balogačová, and Paulína Martináková. Meanwhile, the top honors in the nursing category went to Team "Slovak Nurses", featuring Nina Šimičáková and Kristína Marková.