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prof. Andrea Čalkovská, MD. DSc - "SLOVAK WOMEN YEAR 2015" in the category Science and Research

On Sunday, May 24, 2015, in the historic building of the Slovak National Theater in Bratislava, a solemn evaluation of the Slovak Women Year 2015 poll took place. Comenius University was also represented among the winners.

V nedeľu 24. mája 2015 sa v historickej budove Slovenského národného divadla v Bratislave uskutočnilo slávnostné vyhodnotenie ankety Slovenka roka 2015. Medzi víťazkami mala svoje zastúpenie aj Univerzita Komenského.

In the category of Science and Research, she became Vice-Dean of Jessenius Medical Faculty of Comenius University in Martin and our Head Prof. MD. Andrea Čalkovská, DrSc.


At the Department of Physiology JFM CU, scientific research is conducted in two main areas: experimental and clinical - physiological. Experimental research focuses in respirology including pulmonary surfactant, and related models of respiratory diseases especially of neonatal age and associated with surfactant inactivation. Clinical - physiological research focuses on cardiovascular system regulation and dysregulation in different age from neonates (term and preterm, hypotrophic and with pathologies) to adolescents (healthy or with type 1 diabetes mellitus, overweight, obesity, psychiatric diseases). Modern methods are used as continuous recording of systemic peripheral pressure (Finapres / Portapres), evaluation of variability of cardiovascular parameters (beat-to-beat RR intervals and blood pressure) using spectral analysis and preferentially nonlinear methods as well as new devices for function diagnostics of vascular endothelium and screening of the vascular system. The Department is a part of the Center for Excellence in Perinatal Research and the Center for Experimental and Clinical Respirology. It cooperates closely with Biomedical Center Martin and other Departments and clinics of JMF CU and University Hospital Martin, and with other national institutions. International cooperation is also being developed with Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic, Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, University of Adelaide, Australia, University of Trento and University of Palermo, Italy, Medical University of Sofia, Bulgaria, Surfactant Research Laboratory, Children's Clinic, University of Lübeck, Germany and others.

P R O J E C T S - A P V V - 17-0250 - prof. MUDr. Andrea Čalkovská, DrSc.


Principal investagator: Prof. MUDr. Andrea Čalkovská, DrSc.                         Project start: 01.08.2018                              Project end: 30.6.2022

Pulmonary surfactant as a modulator of body´s response to endotoxin exposure: effects and mechanisms.

Pľúcny surfaktant ako modulátor odpovede organizmu na expozíciu endotoxínu: efekty a mechanizmy.




P RO J E C T S - A P V V - 15-0075 - prof. MUDr. Daniela Mokrá, PhD.


Principal investagator: Prof. MUDr. Daniela Mokra, PhD.                             Project start: 01.07.2016                              Project end: 30.06.2020

Perspectives of the use of ventilator AURA V (Chirana, SR) in the treatment of experimental models of respiratory failure in the neonates

/Perspektívy použitia ventilátora AURA V (Chirana, SR) v liečbe experimentálnych modelov respiračného zlyhávania novorodencov/


In neonatal respiratory failure, appropriate ventilatory treatment is fundamental. Goals of the project are: 1) to ascertain if the newly developed ventilator AURA V from the Slovak producer Chirana (Stara Tura) provides respiratory parameters in conventional mechanical ventilation (CMV) comparable to other ventilators used lung-protective techniques (SLE5000, SLE Limited, UK and Monsoon, Acutronic, Switzerland); 2) to check the hypothesis that unique multi-level regime (in AURA V) and combined regime (in SLE5000) can be superior alternatives to CMV resp. high frequency oscillation in severe respiratory distress syndrome/acute respiratory distress syndrome (RDS/ARDS) and meconium aspiration syndrome (MAS); 3) to verify whether inpulsion and expulsion effects of ventilation may be elicited also in CMV, and can be perspectively utilized as auxiliary methods in delivery of medicaments or in clearance of removable materials from the lung; 4) to evaluate eventual side effects on lung tissue and other organs as well as on cardiovascular variables. Effects of ventilation will be determined on experimental models (rabbits) elicited by repetitive saline lung lavage (RDS/ARDS model) or intratracheal instillation of meconium (MAS model). Considering gas exchange and total costs of ventilatory treatment we suppose at least comparable results of ventilator AURA V to other ventilators.

P R O J E C T S - A P V V - 0235-12 - prof. MUDr. Michal Javorka, PhD.


Principal investagator: Prof. MUDr. Michal Javorka, PhD.                              Project start: 01.10.2013                              Project end: 30.09.2017   

Autonomic nervous system as a key element in the pathogenesis of obesity and its cardiovascular complications

/Autonómny nervový systém ako kľúčoý prvok v patogenéze obezity a jej kardiovasulárnych komplikácií/


Obesity represents worldwide medical problem accompanied by increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. Pediatric obesity results not only in the increased risk of obesity in adulthood but it leads to the complication occuring even at this early age. Given the low prevalence of comorbidities, obese children and adolescents represent an ideal „model“ for study of pathmechanisms leading to obesity and its complications.

Varous mechanisms, including insulin resistance and adipokines production (hormones from adipose tissue), cause the autonomic dysbalance in obese patients. Autonomic nervous system plays an important role in the pathogenesis of obesity and its consequences. Importantly, automonic nervous system influences immune processes – the processes that lead to atherosclerosis, one of the most important pathological procesess leading to later severe complications in adulthood, including myocardial infarction and stroke.

The project is focused on thedetection and interrelations among early subclinical atherosclerotic changes including endethelial dysfunctions, chronic inflammatory reaction markers, and indices of parasympathetic and sympathetic components of autonomic nervous system in young obese subjects – on the description of pathomechanisms leading to atherosclerosis in this high risk group. Furthermore, this project will study the relation between early autonomic dysregulation and adipokines to contribute to obesity pathogenesis knowledge.



VEGA Number Name of projects Principal Investigator Project start/end
1/0131/22 Effect of gender differences and endotypes of asthma on efficacy of treatment in experimental models of bronchial asthma. Daniela Mokrá, Prof. MUDr., PhD. 01/2022-12/2025
1/0004/21 Synthetic surfactant with surfactant analogues SP-B and SP-C and anti-inflammatory therapy in experimental acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) Pavol Mikolka, RNDr. PhD. 01/2021-12/2024
1/0283/21 Circulating microRNA as a potential marker of endothelial dysfunction in young obese patients Michal Javorka, Prof. MUDr., PhD. 01/2021-12/2024
1/0190/20 Electrodermal activity as a sympathetic regulation / dysregulation index - analysis using complex mathematical methods in relation to selected diseases Zuzana Višňovcová, Ing., PhD. 01/2020-12/2023
1/0200/19 Noninvasive assessment of early atherosclerotic changes associated with obesity. Barbora Czippelová, Ing. PhD. 01/2019-12/2022
1/0055/19 Pulmonary surfactant as a part of protective mechanisms of the respiratory system: utilization of three models. Andrea Čalkovská, Prof. MUDr., DrSc. 01/2019-12/2022
1/0199/19 Tlak krvi a jeho variabilita zdravých a patologických novorodencov. Kamil Javorka, Prof. MUDr., DrSc. 01/2019-12/2021
1/0044/18 Autonomic dysregulation and early atherosclerotic changes in adolescent depression Ingrid Tonhajzerová, Prof. MUDr., PhD. 01/2018-12/2021
1/0356/18 The effect of experimentally induced lung injury on extrapulmonary organs. Daniela Mokrá, Prof. MUDr., PhD. 01/2018-12/2021
1/0117/17 Adipokins and dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system in obesity Michal Javorka, Prof. MUDr., PhD. 01/2017-12/2020
1/0469/16 Pulmonary surfactant and lipopolysaccharide: interaction and its functional consequences. Andrea Čalkovská, Prof. MUDr., DrSc. 01/2016-12/2018
1/0202/16 Mechanisms of regulation of the neonatal cardiovascular system by the autonomic nervous system. Kamil Javorka, Prof. MUDr., DrSc. 01/2016-12/2018