Jessenius Faculty of Medicine
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About Us

About Us

The teaching of the subject Medical Biology has started at Comenius University in the school year 1966/1967. Prof. Vladimír Vršanský, M.D., head of the Department of Biology of Faculty of Medicine of Comenius University in Bratislava, was standing at the birth and building up of the Department of Medical Biology at Jessenius Faculty of Medicine of CU in Martin. 

Department of Medical Biology of JFM CU in Martin was founded on October 1st,  1969. Prof. Milan Sámel, M.D., DrSc. had been the head of the new department until December 31st, 1989. Since January, 1st 1990 till August, 31st 2003 Jozef Dobiaš, M.Sc., CSc assumed the department. Nowadays, professor Martin Péč, M.D., PhD. MPH is the head of the department, since September 1st, 2003. 

The subject Medical Biology is taught during 1st and 2nd semester, 4 classes in a week (2/2, practices/lectures) in winter semester and 5 classes in a week (3/3, practices/lectures) in summer semester. The aim of the subject is to give students the knowledge about basic cell processes, mechanisms of gene control and gene regulation at the level of molecules, cells, organisms and at the level of the whole population; and inform them about principles of basic genetic methods for detection of normal and pathologic features from cellular and molecular point of view. 

The result of the collective effort of the teachers and students is the understanding of the importance of genetic approach for the investigation of normal and pathological processes, variability and understanding of the importance of medical biology in preventive medicine. Students have textbooks for the practical classes at the disposal and the department owns many didactic tools, interactive tables, microscopes, and videos.