Jessenius Faculty of Medicine
in Martin
Comenius University Bratislava


The Department of dentistry in Martin was established in 1947. Deputy Head of department became an experienced dentist MUDr. Matej Štepita-Klaučo. The facility of the clinic consists out of the ambulance, deputy office and X-ray room. MUDr. Štepita as a district specialist, organised a short-term courses for young doctors and from that time reached the characteristic of training-education center. The department provided consultations, dentoalveolar surgery and reduced injuries of maxilla and mandible location. Hospitalization of patients was solved at surgery and otolaryngology department..

When the Faculty of Medicine of the Comenius University in Bratislava established a separate and intergrate part in Martin, the dental department moved to the 2nd pavilion and in 1963 MUDr. Ján Šubjak joined the department as an assistant of the detached department of the Faculty of Medicine and later he reached title associate professor in 1978 and became the first head of the Clinic of Stomatology and expert for Central Slovakia region.

Dentistry lectures for students of general medicine were provided by Bratislava professors and associate profesor (prof. MUDr. Štefan Velgos, DrSc. (1964–1968), prof. MUDr. Ján Ležovič, DrSc. (1969–1970), doc. (associate profesor) MUDr. Michal Semjan, CSc. (1971–1977) until the official habilitation of MUDr. J. Šubjak and the establishment of the clinic.

Head of the Clinic of Stomatology and Maxillofacial surgery: doc.(associate professor) MUDr. Ján Šubjak, CSc. (1978–1990); doc. (associate profesor) MUDr. Dagmar Statelová, CSc., adjunct prof. (from 1991).

Deputy Head of Clinic (Department): MUDr. Matej Štepita-Klaučo (1948–1973); MUDr. Ján Šatara  (1974–1985); MUDr. Mária Jurišicová, CSc. (1985–1999); MUDr. Ján Sitár, PhD. (1999–2017); MUDr. Igor Malachovský, PhD. (from 2017).

Superior nurse of Clinic (Department): Vilma Kotúčová, PhDr. Mária Zibolenová.

Region specialists for Stomatology in Central Slovakia region doc. (associate profesor) MUDr. Ján Šubjak, CSc., for Maxillofacial surgery in Žilinskom district doc. MUDr. Dagmar Statelová, CSc., adjunct prof.

District specialist for Stomatology: MUDr. Matej Štepita-Klaučo, MUDr. Mária Jurišicová, CSc.

In 1998 the original name The Clinic of Stomatology was changed to The Clinic of Stomatology and Maxillofacial surgery  (KSaMCH) and its the only one Clinic as a part of University in Žilinský and Banskobystrický district.

In academic year 2012-2013 at Jessenius Faculty of Medicine of the Comenius University in Martin was established a new study program Dentistry Medicine and in academic year 2017–2018 will graduate first students.

Employees in Academic year  2017-2018

The number of employees JFMED CU in Martin is 16.  Five employees working as full-time job, out of 3 are doctors, 1 employee is absolvent of public health and 1 is non-pedagogy employee.


Employees  of  JFMED CU

Proffesors: prof. MUDr. Jarmila Procházková, CSc.

Adjunct/Associate Professors: doc. MUDr. Dagmar Statelová, CSc., adjunct prof.

Associate Professors: doc. MUDr. Eva Kovaľová, PhD., part-time

Lecturers/Doctors of Philosophy: MUDr. Mária Janíčková, PhD., MPH; MUDr. Igor Malachovský, PhD., part-time; MUDr. Katarína Mikušková, PhD., part-time; MUDr. Adriána Petrášová, PhD., part-time; MUDr. Janka Jenčová, PhD., part-time; MUDr. Tomáš Siebert, PhD., part-time; MUDr. Juraj Strecha, PhD., part-time

Assistants Lecturers: MDDr. Michaela Smatanová – MH; MDDr. Anna Pozorčiaková, part-time; PhDr. Libuša Kovalská; MUDr. Radko Janovský; MUDr. Mária Hnátová

Research employees: Mgr. Viera Buchová, part-time

Other employees: Monika Lettrichová


The number of employees of UNM (The Martin University Hospital) in final is 47, out of  9 are doctors working as full- time job and 6 doctors are employees of LMED CU with part- time job in UNM.


Employees  of  UNM (The Martin University Hospital)

Head of Clinic (Department): doc. MUDr. Dagmar Statelová, CSc., adjunct prof.

Deputy Head of Clinic (Department):  MUDr. Igor Malachovský, PhD.

Superior nurse: PhDr. Mária Zibolenová

Doctors: MUDr. Ján Sitár, PhD.; MUDr. Katarína Mikušková, PhD.; MUDr. Juraj Šilla; MUDr. Petra Štillová; MDDr. Ľubomír Rožič; MDDr. Ján Staško; MDDr. Marián Kasaj; MDDr. Zuzana Frličková