Jessenius Faculty of Medicine
in Martin
Comenius University Bratislava


  • -  subject „Sports Medicine“, 4th y of study, 8th/summer semester, study branch – general medicine

    - subject „Internal Medicine Propedeutics“, 3rd y, 5th/winter, study branch – general medicine

    - subject „Internal Medicine“, 4th y, 7th/winter semester, study branch – general medicine


    Person responsible for teaching/lecturing/examinations: prof. Dušan Meško, M.D., PhD.


    Teaching forms and control – lectures, practical teaching, seminars, seminar works, test



    List of Lectures and Practica:


    Subject: Sports Medicine, 4th y of study, 8th/summer semester; 7x2 hrs of lectures, 7x2 hrs of practica/seminars


    Syllabus of seminar-practical teaching:

    1. Basic preventive medical examination of athletes (history, physical examination, laboratory techniques, anthropometry, dynamometry, examination of the cardiovascular system, physiological murmur, contraindication for sport).

    2. Assessment  of  physical  and  functional  capacity  (bicycle and treadmill exercise testing, indication, contraindication, evaluation of findings). Chest radiographic and echocardiographic examination, computer assistance in evaluation of findings (athletic heart, physiological enlargement of the heart). TEST

    3. Electrocardiography in athletes.

    4. Orthoprotetics, injured, handicapped people/athletes health care.

            5. Sport/exercise and disease AND/OR misuse of drugs and doping in sport/exercise

    6. Obesity and sport.

    7. Influence of cold/hot environment, water, high altitude on human body. Injuries during exercise.


    Syllabus of lectures:

    1. Nutrition and dietetics in life-style in healthy people and athletes (basic diet, demands on protein, fat, carbohydrates and energy, vitamins, minerals,  nutrition during age periods, energy output) part I.

    2. Nutrition and dietetics in healthy people and athletes (increase and decrease of body weight, saccharide loading, nutrition before/during/after competition, multisuplementation) part II. Exercise in the prevention and management of internal disease. Cardiovascular effects of sports activity and physiological response to sports activity.

    3. Exercise electrocardiographic testing (indication, contraindication, methods, evaluation of findings). Environmental conditions and sport (heat, cold, altitude, water).

    4. Sport/exercise and disease. Sudden death in athlete. Doping and doping control.

    5. The impact  of regular training on  human biological systems (musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular and respiratory system, metabolic capacity, central nervous and endocrine system). Differential diagnosis between hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and athletes` heart. Cardiovascular diseases and physical activity.

    6. Stress, risk factors of hypertonic disease, ischemic heart disease; non-pharmacological approach to the treatment.

    7. Physical activity in elder people (maintenance of physical fitness, relation to chronic disease, osteoporosis in elderly). Physical activity in bronchial asthma. Hypertension and physical activity.


    Info sources:

    Marček, T.: Sports Medicine (Manual of Practical Sports Medicine)


    WWW pages:

    - (Sports Medicine)