Jessenius Faculty of Medicine
in Martin
Comenius University Bratislava

Academic Library

Academic Library and Audiovisual Centre (AKAS) of the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin was established as a new workplace when the library and study  information centre with photo laboratory and audiovisual center of JFMED CU merged on December 7, 2010. The Library and Audiovisual Centre of JFMED CU provides library services, information services and audiovisual services. It is a modern library and information,  and multimedia centre. It assists to carry out the study program at the Faculty through technical and professional activities. Within the project: Establishment of Library and Information, Computer and Simulation Training Centre and Modernization of ICT at JFMED CU in Martin,  it provides basic lending services: off-site loans, on-site loans, as well as the interlibrary loan service. It also provides bibliographic and information services to students as well as to the staff. These include providing information about documents, bibliographic, research and consulting services.

AKAS registers publication activities of its employees, builds a database of  publications of  its employees and students of the third cycle study programs in full time study.

It participates in the acquisition, maintenance and access to the union catalogue of CU libraries.
The library provides additional services - promotional, publication and multimedia services.

The library pays special attention to the profile of the library fund and the subsequent acquisition.  The library annually does the research of required study literature in cooperation with teachers. The emphasis is put on the thematic, typological and language profile. The acquisition is then made according to the given profile -  literature  from the field of general medicine, dentistry, nursing and non- medical fields of study. Thanks to the financial support of EU funds, the library also purchases  professional  and scientific literature. In addition to the literature from its own resources, it also meets the requirements of the users through interlibrary loan service, the use of electronic information resources, external information sources (domestic and international), from databases that offer full-text information.

Digital reading room is equipped with computers with Internet access, access to catalogues of CU, to electronic information resources which are made available under the NISPEZ project. Books  are processed by VIRTUA information system into a database of union catalogue.

With the support of EU funds and in the framework of the project Establishment of Library and Information, Computer and Simulation Training Centre and Modernization of ICT at JFMED CU in Martin,  3D stereoscopic projection was installed at the Audiovisual Center.

With the support of EU funds and in the framework of the offer of an attractive training using the latest  ICT, Audiovisual Centre purchased licensed computer models of the human body. The staff of the centre cooperates with scientists and teachers of JFMED CU in creation of 3D scanned objects, serving as a rotating digital animation which are available for education and teaching. Within the EU structural funds,  the centre has built  its own TV studio which is used for representative purposes of the faculty,  recording commentaries for TV and media,  dubbing recording for documentary films and educational films of the faculty.

The workplace has a 3D stereoscopic projector, 3D camera system including mobile unit and provides technical support for the 3D presentation of the documents in  educational process at JFMED CU. It offers a service of digitizing VHS tapes, photographs, X-ray images, slides with subsequent archiving and copying services. The staff cooperates with Department of Information Technologies, they implement multimedia as well as interactive learning through video conferences. It is an interactive transmission of operation in real time, where the centre  provides images and sound of given transmission, editing and creating educational DVD. The aim is to provide transmission of operations and other diagnostic and examination methods in real time directly to students in educational process at JFMED CU. Each record must be processed and edited,  whether it is audio, video or photo, and subsequently transferred to the output format according to the purpose for which the recording was made. For this purpose,  powerful PCs  are used. Each piece of work is archived and made available in the photographic and audiovisual fund. Records are used for lectures and for the needs of the faculty.