Jessenius Faculty of Medicine
in Martin
Comenius University Bratislava

History of the Clinic of Psychiatry

The Clinic of Psychiatry in Martin was established in 1967 with prof. Karol Matulay as a  head of department, in the former residential house of senior consultants (pavilion 12). That year became the beginning of efficient scientific, pedagogical and medical development of Psychiatry as a part of medical faculty and hospital in Martin. Prof. Matulay systematically developed scientific research and modern diagnosis and therapy in psychiatry.  In 1969 EEG laboratory were established as a part of clinic, and in 1971 special division for hospitalised patients were opened. That time, department consisted of 20 beds, with 6 beds determined for children. Since 1972, Clinical psychology has became a part of clinic with its next development. Viliam Frank, M.D., PhD. became a head of department in 1982. During a period of time, scientific research was aimed to issue of mental retardation and other organic mental disorders. In 1984 outpatient´s department for sexual disorders were established. In 1986, EEG laboratory was combined with the similar one in the Clinic of neurology, what brought a space for extension of department of child and adolescent psychiatry. Number of beds increased from 48 to 56.  

In 1999,  Milena Drímalová, M.D., PhD. became a new head of department in the period of social, legislative and conceptual changes. Since 2005,  Igor Ondrejka, M.D., PhD. has been a head of department. At the present, Clinic of Psychiatry works on new interdisciplinary scientific and research projects in biological and social branch of psychiatry.  As a part of therapeutic and prevention care, in 2006 Clinic of Psychiatry initiated workplace of community psychiatry – daily psychiatric hospital stationary.

Nowdays, the Clinic of Psychiatry as a part of Jessenius medical faculty of Comenius university and University hospital in Martin provides complete diagnostic, therapeutic and prevention activities  in the medical field of psychiatry with accent on acute care. Apart from that, our department also offers a high specialized care in child and adolescent psychiatry, with trans-regional scope. The capacity of clinic is 47 beds, from which 37 is for hospitalized adult patients  (women division: 20 beds, men divisoin: 17 beds) and 10 beds in Child and Adolescent psychiatry department. Clinic also provides out-patient and consultant psychiatric care for adult and child patients. Daily psychiatric stationary has a capacity of 10 patients and provides intensified outpatient care with professional psychiatric care for adult and child patients in process of after acute treatment care of psychotic episodes and episodes of mood disorders. In 2007 we started with polysomnographic examinations in Sleep laboratory of CPaPh JFM CU a UHM.