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University:  Comenius University in Bratislava

Faculty: Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin

Code: J-S-VL-556

Title of Course: Clinical biochemistry and laboratory medicine

Form of Study: Lectures / practicals

Number of contact hours: 14 / 14

per week: 1 / 1     per level/semester: 14 / 14

Method of study: classroom teaching – 2 hours of lectures / 2 hours of practicals during 7 weeeks

Number of credits: 1

Semester: recommended in 7th semester in study programme general medicine

Degree/Level: 1. + 2. degree

Prerequisities: J-S-VL-509 Medical Chemistry 2, J-S-VL-511 Medical Biochemistry 2, J-S-VL-538 Internal Medicine Propedeutics 2

Grading Policy (Assessment/Evaluation): At the end of semester, after attendance of lectures (optional) and practicals (90 % compulsory), a written test is given - 20 questions (20 points in total). Grade A is given when student obtains at least 18 points, grade B 17 - 16 points, grade C 15 - 14 points,  grade D 13 points and grade E 12 points. Credit will not be given to a student who achieves less than 12 points.

Aims and Objectives:

By completing the course, student acquires theoretical and practical knowledge about the routine clinical-biochemical laboratory practice and principles of used methods, as well as about the correct indication of biochemical tests and interpretation of the results in various clinical conditions.

Syllabus/Indicative Content:

The role of clinical-biochemistry in medicine, the rules of biological specimen collection and patient preparation, indications of clinical-biochemical tests, sources of errors in clinical-biochemical analyses, quality control, reference values, the principles of evaluation and interpretation of biochemical findings. The assessment of acid-base balance – basic and mixed disorders. The disturbances in metabolism of water and minerals – hyper- a hypo- natremia, kalemia, chloremia. Metabolism of lipoproteins, clinical-biochemical tests for examination of lipid metabolism - hyperlipidaemias, dyslipidaemias, risk factors and prevention of atherogenesis. Tumor markers – clasification according to their biological functions, use of tumor markers in screening, diagnostics and therapy of oncologic diseases. The use of molecular-biological diagnostic tests in clinical practice – basic pannels of single nucleotide polymorphisms examinations in thrombophylias, lipid metabolism, pharmacogenetics, hemochromatosis, multiple sclerosis. The analysis of cerebrospinal fluid and urine – chemical, microscopical. Wastes of minerals and metabolites, examination of kidney functions. Electrophoretic methods – serum, cerebrospinal fluid, urine.

Suggested readings:

Gaw  &    Murphy  &    Srivastava  &    Cowan  &    O'Reilly. Clinical Biochemistry, 5th Edition, An Illustrated Colour Text Imprint: Churchill Livingstone, 2013, 196 pages, ISBN  9780702051791

Language of Instruction: English language

Other course information:  teaching of this optional subject is performed in 4th year winter semester

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Daniel Čierny, M.D., PhD.

prof. Dušan Dobrota, M.D., CSc.

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