Jessenius Faculty of Medicine
in Martin
Comenius University Bratislava

Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine- lectures and practicals in winter semester

Emergency medicine teaching will start without changes to the regular study plan. Practices will be held mainly in the Simulation centre, alternatively in the ICU, based on the teacher decission.

Study program General Medicine in English 5th year

Day/time: Friday, 14.15- 15,45 1-7 week


LECTURES - topics:

  1. Introduction to emergency medicine, general principles of care
  2. Shock in EM
  3. Cardiovascular system
  4. Central nervous system
  5. Respiratory system
  6. Trauma
  7. Mountain medicine, diving medicine, aviation medicine


Practical exercises topics:

  1. BLS adults, children, neonates
  2. ALS adults, children, neonates, labour
  3. Airway management and breathing
  4. Dysrhytmia (defibrilation, cardioversion, pacing)
  5. I.v. access, i.o. Access, alternatives of medication administration in EM, nasogastric tube, blackemore sengstaken tube, chest tube, chest puncture, pericardial puncture
  6. Wound management, bandages, extremity immobilisation, helmet removal, cervical spine collar, person recovery from vehicle, positioning, spine imobilisation, transport, triage, mass accidents management
  7. Test 




Terms and conditions for successful completition of the subject Emergeny medicine 2019/2020