Jessenius Faculty of Medicine
in Martin
Comenius University in Bratislava

Graduate Study

- education of Otorhinolaryngology in winter semester /number 9/
responsible : prof.Andrej Hajtman,M.D.,PhD.

- education of Otorhinolaryngology in winter semester /number 9/
/English language/
responsible : prof.Andrej Hajtman,M.D.,PhD.

The form of education: lectures, practical lessons, exam.

The list of lectures: 

1./ Otorhinolaryngological history, interest of otorhinolaryngology, relations with another medical disciplines. Inflammation os nasal mucosa, epipharynx, paranasal sinuses/acute, chronical/.

2./ Bleeding from nasal cavity,allergic illness of nasal and paranasal cavities. Nasal, epipharyngeal nd paranasal sinuses  tumors/ benign, malignant/. The frontobasal injuries.

3./ Pharyngeal lymphatic system inflammation /acute, chronical, specific and non specific/. Complications of pharyngeal lymphatic system inflammation/local, total/. Pharyngeal tumors/benign, malignant/.

4./ Laryngeal inflammation /acute, chronical, specific, non specific/. Laryngeal tumors/benign ,malignant/. Laryngeal injuries. Laryngeal motility disorders. Suffocation.

5./ External ear inflammation. Middle ear inflammation /acute, chronical/.The  complications of middle ear inflammations.

6./ Inner ear diseases/congenital, toxic demage,.../ . Menierś disease. Otosclerosis. Laterobasal injuries. External, middle, inner ear tumors /benign and malignant/. 

7./ Voice, speech and hearing disorders./congenital, aquired/. Voice, hearing, speech rehabilitation and education. Professional diseases in respiratory and digestive system. E.N.T.endoscopy. Oesophageal corrosion

Practical lessons topic

1./ Nasal and paranasal cavities - anatomy, physiology + pathology, history, exammination, therapy....

2./ Pharynx and oral cavity - anatomy, physiology + pathology, history, exammination, therapy.... 

3./ Larynx - anatomy, physiology + pathology, history, exammination, therapy....

4./ Suffocation in E.N.T. , E.N.T. surgery

5./ Ear I - anatomy, physiology + pathology, history, exammination, therapy....

6./ Ear II - hearing exammination /speech, tuning forks, audiometry/

7./ E.N.T.endoscopy

8./ Medical record, individual work with patient,varia

9./ Operation room, varia

10./ Medical record, individual work with patient,varia


The student science activity /SVOC/:

No topic in school year 2015/2016


The exam

  • condition - attended practical lessons on 100%. At least it may be excused absence to 20% practical training. Compensation of missed teaching will be carried out usually in written form, during credit week, or with another group on request. 
  • the term by AIS2 system
  • practical demonstration + discussion, test 
  • the exam students will complete during one day

The list of questions

1./ Examination of Eustachian tube function

2./ Epipharyngoscopy

3./ Laryngoscopy

4./ Hypopharyngoscopy

5./ Otoscopy

6./ Tamponade of nasal cavity

7./ Hearing defects – tuning forks

8./ Punction of sin.Highmori

9./ Rhinoscopy

10./Examinations of hearing by speech

11./Examination of neck lymphonode

12./Examination of  paranasal sinuses

13./Examination of smell /olfactometry/

14./Examination of oral cavity, salivatory glands

15./ Audiogram


17./Endoscopy in E.N.T.

18./Paracenthesis, ear vax - lavage

19./Examination of vestibular system

20./ X ray in E.N.T.