Jessenius Faculty of Medicine
in Martin
Comenius University Bratislava


History of the department goes back to year 1936 when todays building was built and Assoc. Prof. Teodor Schwarz, M.D.,PhD. became the head of department who was in charge until the year 1948. In 1948 Prof. Ernest Dlhoš,M.D., DSc. came to Martin and became the head of the department. After the departure of Prof. Dlhoš to Trenčín and chief gynaecologist Zvarík took his place. Until the year 1967. From the year 1968 Prof. Anton Ponťuch, M.D., PhD. was the head of the department. After he went to Bratislava (where he worked also as a head of department) Assoc. Prof. Mikuláš Toldy, PhD. was in charge of the department between years  1975-1990. In year 1990 Prof. Danko, M.D., PhD became the head of department who belongs to Zurich school. Here he created the most important scientific Works and acquired the basics of scientific-paedagogical work.

The assistants of the head of the department were: Karol Sapák, M.D., PhD., Ladislav Sokolík, M.D.,PhD., Mária Valentková, M.D. and Milan Krkoška, M.D..

The excellent level of The Department of gynaecology and obstetrics reflexts many distinguished doctors of slovak gynaecology raised in Martin.

In department of obstetrics and gynaecology worked: Prof. J. Židovský, M.D., DSc. ( head of the Department of obstetrics and gynaecology  in Prague ), Prof. Anton Ponťuch, M.D.,PhD.( head of the  1st Clinic of obstetrics and gynaecology in Bratislava), Prof. Alojz Sasko,M.D., PhD. (head of the  1st Clinic of obstetrics and gynaecology  in Bratislava), Prof. Ján Štencl, M.D.,PhD (head of the  Clinic of  obstetrics and gynaecology  in Bratislava), Assoc. Prof. Juraj Filický,M.D., DSc. (chancellor of The Slovak Medical University in Bratislava., Assoc. Prof. Jozef Valky, M.D., PhD. (former head of the Clinic of obstetrics and gynaecology  in Bratislava –Ružinov), Stanislav Lipenský, M.D., PhD. (chief gynaecologist in Trenčín), Pavol Hartel, M.D. (former chief gynaecologist in Čadca).

After arrival of Prof. Dlhoš to Martin the department became a part of postgradual studying process. After foundation of the Faculty of Medicine Miloslav Meško, M.D., Vojtech Magurský, M.D., Alojz Sasko, M.D., Ladislav Sokolík, M.D., Stanislav Lipenský, M.D., Juraj Filický, M.D., Ján Štencl, M.D. , Ivan Philadelphy, M.D., Ivan Ľupták, M.D., Vladimír Krivoš, M.D., Ernest Lányi, M.D., Miloš Mlynček, M.D., Ján Danko, M.D., Štefan Krivuš, M.D., Imrich Žigo, M.D., Viera Švihrová, M.D., Edita Urbánková, M.D., Jozef Višňovský, M.D., Pavol Hartel, M.D., Rudolf Straka, M.D., Juraj Matušek, M.D., Stanislav Tomáš, M.D., Martin Kaliský, M.D., Karol Dókuš, M.D., Jaroslav Vráblik. M.D., Pavol Žúbor, M.D., Kamil Biringer, M.D., Kristána Biskupská Boďová, M.D., MSc became lecturers consequently.

The clinic is focused mainly on young talented absolvents of The Jessenius Faculty of Medicine and created an optimal area for quick acquirement of scientific-paedagogical knowledge for them.

The clinic was also a residence of the advisory board of Slovak gynaecology and obstetrics magazine.