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Oznamy / Announcements

Všetky témy prednášok a praktických cvičení budú zverejnené na portáli Mefanet a v systéme Moodle.

Priebežné testy sa budú tiež realizovať dištančnou formou.


Dear students, 

the teaching of the subject of dentistry for the study of general medicine will take place in a distance form on the recommendation of the subject guarantor agreed by the vice-dean doc. MUDr. Dagmar Statelovej. PhD, mim. prof. and by the vice-dean prof. MUDr. Juraj Mokrý, PhD..  

The preventive hygienic - epidemiological guidelines cannot be followed due to the layout of our facility of Department of Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery, the busy class schedule of students in the dentistry, general medicine, specialization and certification education in dentistry, because it is not possible to ensure that all mentioned groups do not get in contact with each other. 

The first topic of practical exercises and lectures will be available on Monday in the Moodle system and gradually all other topics. We will keep you informed about possible changes concerning the possibility of full-time teaching of practical exercises (e-mail, moodle, intranet ...). 

Since Monday you will be provided with your first lecture and practical lesson on Moodle, where you will have the access to all your next lectures /lessons during this semester. We will stay in touch and keep you informed about any possible changes well ahead (mail, moodle, Intranet...). 


Mária Janíčková

Klinika stomatológie a maxilofaciálnej chirurgie JLF UK a UNM