Jessenius Faculty of Medicine
in Martin
Comenius University in Bratislava


Profile of a Graduate

Study program of General Medicine – the first and second cycle joined to one unit in the field of study 7.1.1 General Medicine

Graduates of study program of joint Grade I and Grade II in the field of study of General Medicine:

  • master basic principles of medicine and they should be able to apply them in their profession; they are generally educated and specialized to understand an existance and importance of relations between medicine, natural sciences and social sciences, and use this knowledge in their work,
  • master theoretical knowledge of morphology and function of particular organs and systems of human body, knowledge of the origin and causes of morphological and functional changes which enable them to make correct interpretation and application on rational health support, prevention, diagnostics, and treatment of diseases,
  • master basic principles of medical examination with the use of easier instrumentation and basic laboratory and examination methods and their interpretation including diagnostics, differential diagnostics and treatment of diseases that occur more often; they master diagnostics of life threatening states required for providing qualified help,
  • master good theoretical  and practical clinical abilities which, under specialized supervision of experienced doctors, will enable them to provide health care on the appropriate level of organisational  structure,
  • should gain ability and will to continue in their further education,
  • should understand health and diseases as a result of interaction of genetic, biological, physical, chemical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, social, and other factors of the environment with the human body,
  • should be confirmed followers of modern trends in development of medicine represented mainly by a conception of primary  prevention of diseases and health support to prefer healthy life style,
  • should be bearers of basic human principles and they should have a sense for such a hierarchy of values where  altruism, empathy, respect for life, human dignity, and patient ́s rights would be of the first rank,
  • master and follow principles of medical psychology and ethics in relation to patient, his/her relatives, and their environment during the course of their professional life,
  • will be prepared also for  acting  in primary health care; they master basic principles and organization of health system, basic principles of medical legislature required for their profession,
  • after completing prescribed practice, postgraduate study, and passing exams, they acquire specialization in particular fields of medicine or qualification for work in medical research,
  • should master basis of scientific work in theoretical as well as clinical disciplines and modern ways of acquiring scientific and specialized infomation.