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Latest updates from Study Department relating to current COVID-19 measures

General information

Current measures

There has been further easing of Covid-19 restrictions and as of 21 April 2022, you no longer need to wear facemasks when using the public transport, visiting shops and shopping centres or when visiting civic and public offices.

The obligation to wear the facemask remains if:

  • You are visiting a healthcare facility (surgeries, hospitals, etc.)
  • You are visiting a nursing home or a specialist care facility  

Rules and requirements for self-isolation

You still need to self-isolate if, you test positive for Covid-19, using the PCR, LAMP, Antigen or lateral test kits. In this case, you should also:

  • Contact anyone with whom you have been in close contact in the past 48 hours before your symptoms have started or before your test
  • After completing your self-isolation, wear a FFP2 facemask for five days


  • The self-isolation lasts five days if the course of your illness is smooth and you are not displaying any symptoms in the last 24 hours of your self-isolation period
  • If your symptoms persist, you should contact your GP who will decide whether you should continue with self-isolation.  


  • You no longer need to quarantine after a close contact with a positive person
  • If deemed necessary, a GP can mandate quarantine

Internal regulation No. 01/2022

Measures impacting teaching in 2021/22 academic year