Jessenius Faculty of Medicine
in Martin
Comenius University in Bratislava

For admitted students




According to the legislation in force, foreign qualifications giving access to higher education in Slovakia are recognised by the Department of Education of the respective District Office (Okresný úrad, Odbor školstva).

During the process of nostrification, secondary school certificates by foreign schools are examined in terms of equivalence of the scope and content of education obtained abroad with the corresponding study programme in Slovakia. 

It will be stated in your Decision on admission that you are conditionally admitted for the full-time study of General Medicine study program. You should prove the fact of meeting the basic condition for admission by presenting a “certificate of equivalence/recognition” of the secondary school certificate no later than on the date of enrolment.  Otherwise, your right to be enrolled shall become void.

To obtain the Certificate of equivalence – Nostrification of your secondary school certificate, you have to submit the following documents to the District Office, Department of Education

1.       Request form HERE for recognition of education.           

          Guidance on how to fill in the form HERE

2.       copy of the identification document (copy of passport or ID card)

3.       Secondary School Certificate Advanced level authenticated (apostilled or  superlegalised) by a competent body of the state in question and its certified copy must be officially translated into Slovak.  You can find the list of authorized translators HERE.

The Apostille/Superlegalization is not required if applicants have completed their secondary education in the following countries: Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Romania and Ukraine

4.      the administrative fee of 5 EUR (Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Croatia) or 30 EUR (for all other countries)