Jessenius Faculty of Medicine
in Martin
Comenius University Bratislava

Admission requirements

Admission requirements are stipulated by the Internal regulation No.23/2021 approved by the AS JFMED CU on 28.06.2021

To be eligible to study at JFMED you must meet the following admission requirements:

1. Fitness to study - a medical certificate issued by your GP shortly confirming that you are physically and mentally able to study at a university level

2. Completed full secondary education at the appropriate level which gives you access to study at the university. The Law in Slovakia requires all foreign General Certificate of Secondary education to be recognised and validated by the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic. For more information about the validation process, please visit section:  Recognition of completed education at primary or secondary schools.

All applicants are requested to send hard copy of the General Certificate of Secondary Education by post. The signatures and seals of the school on the original educational documents must be authenticated by the competent body of the state in question. Depending on your country of origin, you will need to have an Apostille (List of European Higher Education Area member states) or have your certificate superlegalized, unless an international agreement states otherwise. Superlegalization is a higher authentication of a public document which confirms that the document was issued by the relevant authority.

If you can´t submit your General Certificate of Secondary Education in time for the admission exam, since it was not officially issued by the school, you must request for the exemption from this requirement by sending an e-mail to You will be asked to send the GSEC with authentication once it has been issued.

Admitted students need to ask for Recognition of the educational document without delay, since this basic condition must be met until the date of enrolment. The District Office Department of Education considers the application within 30 days after its receipt.

3. To be admitted to study program, an applicant must successfully pass the admission exam. JFMED admits applicants who prove the competence to study according to the score achieved at the admission test.