Jessenius Faculty of Medicine
in Martin
Comenius University Bratislava

JFMED CU – the leader in a group of medical faculties

Academic Ranking and Rating Agency (ARRA) published eleventh assessment of higher education institutions and their faculties on November 25, 2015

13. 01. 2016 15.29 hod.

ARRA assessment is based on publicly available and verifiable data on education and research of individual faculties in 2014. Assessment included 112 faculties, of which 104 belong to public universities and 8 belong to private universities in 11 groups.
This year, methodology regarding indicators covering publications and citations in groups FILOZOF (philosophical sciences), TEOLOG (theological sciences), PEDAGOG (pedagogical sciences), UMEL (arts) and PRAV (legal sciences) was partially modified, where, due to expansion of local databases, a period of one year was added in publications included in CRPA (the Central Registry of Publication Activity) and university libraries. Thus, in local databases, longer period is assessed than in previous year.
For several years, the first place in ranking of medical faculties is kept by the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine which  fulfils the criteria of all indicators very well and, moreover, saw an increase in foreign students by 5 percentage points, that is more than one third of total number of students studying in Martin at present. The second place was taken by the Faculty of Pharmacy CU, which has moved from the third place in the previous year. Faculty of Medicine CU took the fourth place as last year.