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Six new professors at Comenius University

On Monday 4 December 2017, the President of the Slovak Republic, Andrej Kiska, appointed thirty new professors to their roles. Six of them work at Comenius University.

06. 12. 2017 10.07 hod.
By: CU Public Relations Office

“In our education and training system, be it pre-school children or university students, we have one problem: mediocrity. We can’t help the weakest ones, and only very occasionally can we help the most skilled and talented. We know that we have some good (maybe excellent) universities, or at least faculties. Despite this, even in these disciplines, young people are moving abroad and often not coming back,” the president said in his address to those gathered.

“I think it is time that we said: ‘Enough of this mediocrity.’ Dear professors, I expect from you that your voice will be heard; that you will be able to identify and name problems, look for solutions, and be open to working with those who are politically responsible. In the demand for quality education, science, and research in Slovakia, I see your role as irreplaceable,” Kiska said.

The newly appointed professors at Comenius University are:

Professor Emília Beblavá, political science, the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences
Professor Tomáš Gábriš, the theory and history of the state and law, the Faculty of Law
Professor Ľudovít Gašpar, internal diseases, the Faculty of Medicine
Professor Tibor Hlavatý, internal diseases, the Faculty of Medicine
Professor Renata Péčová, normal and pathological physiology, the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine
Profesor Viera Švihrová, public health, the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine

A letter of appointment was also received by Professor Miroslav Haviar from Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica, who had undergone his inauguration at Comenius University.

A complete list of appointed professors