Jessenius Faculty of Medicine
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Comenius University Bratislava

Electronic evaluation of subjects for winter semester 2019/2020

We would like to inform you that from February 17 to March 6, 2020 (until midnight), students' electronic feedback (subject and teacher evaluation) is available for the winter semester of the 2019/2020 academic year for general medicine programs (in English and Slovak) and dentistry.

17. 02. 2020 09.48 hod.
By: JLF UK Martin

In order to maintain anonymity, it is necessary for each student to randomly select the generated code for the relevant year at his / her study assistant. Subsequently, it is necessary to log into the webpage stated at the code and enter your assessment of the subjects and teachers who participated in its teaching in the winter semester.

Timely collection of the code and the greatest possible number of students who submit their assessments will contribute to its objectivity and consequently to improving the quality of teaching.

Thank you.



1. ročník Všeobecné lekárstvo

2. ročník Všeobecné lekárstvo

3. ročník Všeobecné lekárstvo

4. ročník Všeobecné lekárstvo

5. ročník Všeobecné lekárstvo 



1st year study, General Medicine

2st year study, General Medicine

3st year study, General Medicine

4st year study, General Medicine

5st year study, General Medicine



1. ročník Zubné lekárstvo

2. ročník Zubné lekárstvo

3. ročník Zubné lekárstvo

4. ročník Zubné lekárstvo

5. ročník Zubné lekárstvo