Jessenius Faculty of Medicine
in Martin
Comenius University Bratislava

The Mentorship Program in Midwifery Celebrates Its First Graduates

In an innovative leap for medical education in Slovakia, the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine at Comenius University in Martin proudly commemorates the first graduates of its mentorship program dedicated to clinical practice in midwifery.

23. 10. 2023 13.53 hod.

This distinction makes it the nation's sole faculty offering systematic education in this specialized field. The final assessments for the pioneering participants took place on October 18 at the Institute of Midwifery of the faculty.

According to the program's professional guarantor, Associate Professor Simona Kelčíková, PhD., the curriculum is meticulously designed to nurture and expand the pedagogical skills of midwives. The ultimate goal is to equip them with the educational proficiency necessary for guiding students of midwifery through their practical training.

"Mentors lead midwifery students during the hands-on segment of their studies directly within clinical settings. Having students mentored by a professional midwife who has undergone specific training in mentorship could prove more effective compared to traditional practical instruction methods," stated Associate Professor Kelčíková. She emphasizes that this advanced preparation often translates into more objective student evaluations, improved coordination of real-world clinical instruction, and seamless student integration into the interdisciplinary teams of the gynecological-obstetrical clinical departments.

The continuous education program for mentors in midwifery stands as a testament to the close collaboration between the Institute of Midwifery at Jessenius Faculty of Medicine and the Gynecological-Obstetrical Clinic of the University Hospital Martin.