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Special App Assists Lung Surgery Patients with Preoperative Preparation

Patients at the Thoracic Surgery Clinic of the University Hospital Martin and JFMED use a special application with rehabilitation exercises.

09. 10. 2023 14.07 hod.

These exercises aim to assist patients in better handling the challenges of surgery, accelerate post-operative recovery, and reduce post-operative complications. The advantages of such pre-operative preparations also include shorter hospital stays, benefiting both the patient and the hospital.

Medical experts from the Thoracic Surgery in conjunction with seasoned physiotherapists designed the respiratory exercises in this free application, ensuring the rehabilitation program's high expertise.

The head of the Thoracic Surgery Clinic, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anton Dzian, PhD., noted the similarities between the demands of surgery and athletic endeavors. "Just as an athlete must train intensively and over long periods before a physical performance, we want our patients to be equally prepared for complex surgeries," said Dr. Dzian. As per the program, patients begin their exercises as soon as they schedule their hospital stay.

The mobile and web-based platform's design allows patients to practice at home, ideally starting at least two weeks before the surgery. They also continue these respiratory rehabilitation exercises after the operation.

Besides preparing patients for surgery, the method of proper respiratory exercises also aids other lung ailments. "We aimed to create a comprehensive lung rehabilitation exercise program," explained Abdulla Al Hakim, the co-author of the app and the Chief Physician of physiatry, balneology, and medical rehabilitation at Rajecké Teplice Spa.

Furthermore, each patient will undergo individual instruction with a physiotherapist before practicing exercises independently at home. The physiotherapist and creator of the app, Patrik Konrády, advised patients to gradually ease into the regimen. "Each body responds differently to the exercise plan. The app can be downloaded by anyone and is free of charge," added Konrády.

Milan Krajčovič, a patient who used the app, shared his positive experience. "It assisted me during various critical situations post-surgery. Knowing the right exercises to do can make a difference during challenging moments. Recovery is never easy, but this process certainly helps," said Krajčovič.

The Thoracic Surgery Clinic has incorporated these pre-operative and post-operative respiratory exercises as a part of the ERAS protocol implementation, aiming to significantly reduce recovery time for surgical patients.