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Robotic surgery for young patients at the University Hospital Martin

In a groundbreaking procedure, University Hospital Martin's Centre for Robotic Surgery successfully operated on a 17-year-old patient suffering from congenital polyposis of the colon. This marks a significant milestone as the hospital becomes the first in the V4 countries to perform proctocolectomy on a pediatric patient using the Da Vinci Xi robotic system.

29. 11. 2023 16.26 hod.

Prior to this, the Da Vinci system, celebrated for its precision and minimally invasive technique, was primarily utilized for adult patients at University Hospital Martin. The shift to include pediatric surgeries marks a significant development. "The patient's condition necessitated a complex surgical procedure, ideally suited for robotic assistance. The system offers enhanced visibility in hard-to-reach areas and ensures safer operations," said Assoc. Prof. Dalibor Murgaš, PhD., MHA, Deputy for Surgical Disciplines at University Hospital Martin. 

The patient, Laura Tökölyová, faced a high risk of colorectal cancer due to her condition. "The surgery involved removing the entire colon and rectum and creating a reservoir from the small intestine. A major advantage of robotic surgery is significantly quicker patient recovery," noted Dr. Marek Adámik, PhD., a robotic surgery expert at the hospital.

Tökölyová's feedback underscores the benefits of this advanced surgical approach. "When I learned my surgery would be done using a robot, I was relieved because I knew recovery would be faster. I'm profoundly thankful to the entire team at University Hospital Martin and Dr. Adámik," she said.

With over 100 robotic surgeries already performed on adults, University Hospital Martin's Da Vinci system is used in surgeries, gynecology, and urology. "We aim to expand its application to more departments, particularly for pediatric patients in fields like pediatric surgery and urology," Assoc. Prof. Murgaš added.

University Hospital Martin is committed to broadening the scope of robotic surgeries in response to the high demand for such procedures, given their benefits.