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Revolutionary "Parkinson & Well" Treatment Program Unveiled by Jessenius Faculty of Medicine

In a significant advancement for Parkinson's disease treatment, the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine at Comenius University in Martin has developed and implemented an innovative rehabilitation program titled "Parkinson & Well."

30. 11. 2023 14.21 hod.

This program integrates various modules including balneotherapy, physiotherapy, sensory, and nutraceutical elements, each reflecting the latest research in Parkinson's disease.

Assoc. Prof. Martin Kolísek, Dr.rer.nat., a scientist from the Martin Biomedical Center at JFMED, announced the program, emphasizing its holistic approach. "This unique treatment program combines several therapeutic strategies, each carefully tailored to the needs of Parkinson's patients," he said.

The spa treatment, a crucial component of the program, has shown significant benefits in improving the motor and performance abilities of Parkinson's patients. Unlike traditional treatments, this specialized spa therapy offers a more holistic, customized approach and is monitored in neurological clinics.

One of the program's primary goals, as outlined by Assoc. Prof. Kolísek, was not only to create a globally unique treatment program but also to make it fully accessible and covered by health insurance companies. "Currently, Parkinson's patients in Slovakia, numbering over 20,000, are only entitled to partial insurance coverage. We aim to change that," he stressed.

Slovak Health Spa Piešťany, collaborating with experts from JFMED, offers this innovative treatment. "Since the spring of this year, we have been conducting clinical trials. The study results were presented at the World Parkinson Congress in Barcelona," added Assoc. Prof. Kolísek.

The team behind the rehabilitation program received international recognition with a special jury prize from the European Spa Association, accepted by Dr. Alena Korenčíková and the Medical Director of the Slovak Health Spas, MUDr. Boris Bánovský, at a congress in Karlovy Vary. Dr. Korenčíková, a doctoral student under Assoc. Prof. Kolísek, has been deeply involved in Parkinson's disease research.

The program's authors include balneology and spa medicine experts Dr. Alena Korenčíková, Dr. Boris Bánovský, Bc. Ivona Hrdinová; specialists from Slovak Health Spa Piešťany; and Parkinson's disease experts Dr. Milan Grofik, PhD., and Assoc. Prof. Martin Kolísek, Dr.rer.nat. from JFMED.

Parkinson's disease is a progressive chronic neurological disorder, primarily affecting motor functions due to the degeneration of brain cells. It commonly manifests in individuals over 50, with more women affected than men in Slovakia, unlike in other countries.

Winning Lecture Title: The results of spa medicine in “Parkinson and Well” Project

Authors: Alena Korenčíková1, Boris Bánovský1, Milan Grófik2, Martin Kolísek3, Ivona Hrdinová1, Michal Verchola4

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