Jessenius Faculty of Medicine
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Comenius University Bratislava

Nursing Students Spearhead Nationwide Educational Initiatives

Second-year nursing students from the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine at Comenius University have taken a significant step forward in community outreach and education. During the winter semester of the 2023-24 academic year, within their Primary Nursing Care course, these students organized a series of educational activities across Slovakia, targeting schools and community centers.

29. 01. 2024 13.12 hod.

Focusing on crucial health topics, these initiatives were conducted in primary and secondary schools, covering first aid, proper nutrition to prevent obesity, the balance of physical activity and rest, correct posture, dental hygiene, breast cancer prevention, contraception, unintended pregnancy, and the adverse effects of addictive substances. Students practiced these skills using models from the Institute of Nursing and the Center for Medical Education Support at the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine.

The educational project reached several kindergartens and elementary schools. When working with seniors, the focus was on respiratory gymnastics, physical activity, senior nutrition, and preventing complications in diabetics.

Supervised by Mgr. Radka Kurucová, PhD., responsible for the course, these educational initiatives were carefully curated in both content and form.

This experience has led some students to further engage with selected institutions, participating in volunteer activities. This ongoing involvement enhances their knowledge and skills in implementing educational interventions and programs, particularly those of a preventive nature.

The positive feedback from the management of these institutions, children, students, seniors, and the educator-students themselves, has reinforced the decision to continue such activities as part of the educational process in this subject.