Jessenius Faculty of Medicine
in Martin
Comenius University Bratislava

5th Edition of Martin Live Surgery: A Unique Streaming Event Showcasing Eye Surgeries in Real-Time

The Eye Clinic of University Hospital Martin and Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin is carrying forward the tradition of live broadcasting their surgeries. The fifth edition of this professional event, primarily designed for ophthalmologists, offered several hours of surgical procedures, broadcasted live via streaming channel directly from the operating room.

05. 06. 2023 08.38 hod.

This event is unique in Slovakia, and it's rare globally, as such live procedures are usually only part of large medical congresses. According to the head of the clinic, MUDr. Peter Žiak, PhD., thanks to the increasingly used technologies in ophthalmology, Slovak and Czech doctors could watch the surgical procedures online just as the operator sees them through the microscope.

"The imaging technology used allows for high-resolution transmission. The image quality is therefore high and ranks among the best images from an operating microscope," explained MUDr. Peter Žiak, PhD.

The live transmission of five cataract surgeries, using new types of intraocular lenses, was viewed by over 150 registered participants. This transmission was managed and ensured by the staff of Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin.