Jessenius Faculty of Medicine
in Martin
Comenius University in Bratislava

Department of neurosciences in biochemistry


Head of department: Prof. RNDr. Ján Lehotský, D.Sc.

Department of neuroscience in biochemistry includes 2 functional laboratories focused on  the neurodegenerative diseases and magnetic resonance imaging of nervous system.


Laboratory of neurodegenerative diseases

Head of laboratory: Prof. RNDr. Ján Lehotský, D.Sc.

Laboratory is focused on molecular mechanisms of neuroprotection and ischemic tolerance, impact of homocysteine on neuronal cells and their response to ischemia-reperfusion as well as on immunologic and genetic markers associated with stroke and sclerosis multiplex.


Laboratory of nuclear magnetic resonance

Head of laboratory: Prof. Dušan Dobrota, M.D., PhD.

Laboratory is focused on the study of brain diseases using magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging (MRS/MRI) in experimental conditions (in vivo, in vitro) and clinical praxis. Laboratory is using NMR Bruker Ascend 600/54 in combination with HPLC Agilent and Bruker Impact II (mass spectrometer, UHR-QqTOF) for identification of biomarkers and study of metabolite modifications in body fluids (plasma, cerebrospinal fluid, urine) as a consequence of pathologic processes and pharmacokinetic analysis and identification of native drugs and their metabolites in body fluids using. In addition, laboratory is using BioSpec 70/20 USR, MRS/MRI system for laboratory animals to study metabolite modifications in CNS as a consequence of pathologic processes.