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Conference of doctoral students

Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin, Department of Nursing, Comenius University in Bratislava 
Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice 
Faculty of Medicine, Department of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Ostrava
Faculty of Health Sciences, Palacký University Olomouc
Faculty of Health Studies, University of Pardubice
Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Pécs
Faculty of Health Sciences, Medical University of Lublin


welcome you to

The Third International Conference of Doctoral Students of the Study Program Nursing 

25-26 May 2022


Aim of the Conference

The conference will provide open space to discuss research intentions and scientific research methods for doctoral students and their trainers on the international platform. International Conference of Doctoral Students of Nursing Degree Program is an opportunity to promote the development, dissemination and the use of knowledge in the field of nursing. The conference will include a workshop: Rationing - Missed Nursing care: experiences with conceptual and methodological issues. Presenters: doc. Mgr. Elena Gurková, PhD., PhDr. Renáta Zeleníková, PhD. and Mgr. Dominika Kalánková, PhD. (Preliminary programme of workshop)


The Head of the Scientific Committee

prof. Mgr. Katarína Žiaková, PhD.

The Scientific Committee

prof. PhDr. Valérie Tóthová, Ph.D.
prof. PhDr. Darja Jarošová, Ph.D.
doc. PhDr. Mgr. Helena Kisvetrová, Ph.D.
doc. RNDr. ThLic. Karel Sládek, Ph.D.
prof. Dr. József Betlehem, RNn, MNS, Medu, PhD., EMT
Assoc. prof. Beata Dobrowolska, MSN, MPhil, PhD., RN


The Head of the Organizing Committee

Mgr. Lucia Podolinská (

The Organizing Committee

prof. Mgr. Katarína Žiaková, PhD. (Martin)
doc. Mgr. Martina Bašková, PhD. (Martin)
doc. Mgr. Ivana Bóriková, PhD. (Martin)
doc. Mgr. Juraj Čáp, PhD. (Martin)
doc. Mgr. Martina Tomagová, PhD. (Martin)
Mgr. Daniela Bartoníčková (Martin)
Mgr. Barbora Ďuričeková (Martin)
Mgr. Miloš Čakloš (Martin)
Mgr. Jaroslav Madleňák (Martin)
PhDr. Katarína Mišovičová (Martin)
PhDr. Martin Červený (Češké Budějovice)
Mgr. Tereza Koribaničová (Ostrava)
Mgr. Petra Kašparová (Olomouc)
Mgr. Iveta Černohorská (Pardubice)
Dr. Viktória Prémusz (Pécs)
Michal Machul (Lublin) 


Conference Venue

Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin
Department of Nursing
Malá Hora 5
036 01 Martin
Slovak Republic



The programme will be available before the conference.


Conference Languages and Possibilities of Participation

Slovak, Czech, English

Passive or active participation in the conference is possible.

The authors will be able to present their contributions in the conference with PowerPoint presentation or with printed poster (poster section). 

Presentation duration is limited to 10 minutes.

Discussion will be held after each contribution.

The authors are kindly requested to keep the time designated for their presentation.



Registration for the conference is done by filling in the application form on the website by 07 February 2022. In the case of any questions regarding registration, please contact:


Payment Information

Conference fee: 30,- €

You will pay the conference fee after registration, when an invoice will be sent to your mail adress.

Please charge the conference fee by 14 March 2022.

State your name and surname to the description of transaction.

Title of account: HOSPICE, občianske združenie
Address: Kollárova 90, 036 01 Martin
DIČ (VAT number): 35656484
Name of the Bank: Slovenská sporiteľňa, a. s.
Address: Tomášikova 48, 832 37 Bratislava
Account Number: SK11 0900 0000 0051 8496 1078
IBAN: SK11 0900 0000 0051 8496 1078

Please, save the payment document (it will be checked during your registration at the conference venue).


Submitting an Abstract for Review 

  1. The abstract of the study should be submitted by sending it on e-mail by 28 February 2022 (it is not possible to send an abstract after this deadline).
  2. The file should be entitled: surname_title-of-the-study (do not use diacritical marks).
  3. The paper should be written in English.
  4. Formal requirements:
    • MS WORD text editor 
    • page margins 2.5 cm
    • font Times New Roman, font size 12, black colour
    • 1.5 spacing
    • do not change the header
    • structured abstract in English language 
    • do not divide words at the ends of lines with hyphen
    • do not use abbreviations without explanation
    • do not use literature references
    • 1200–1500 characters including spaces
  5. Abstract structure:
    • Original research study: Introduction, Objective, Methods, Results, Conclusion
    • Review study: Introduction, Main text, Conclusion
  6. Keywords (5 words)
  7. Abstracts must be sent using the template: Original research study | Review study


  • Abstracts that do not fulfil the above requirements or is in conflict with the ethical principles for publication will not be accepted.
  • Abstracts must be original and must not be under review for any other conference or publication.
  • Abstracts should be written in English, works in other languages will not be considered.
  • Pay attention to the quality of the translation. Translations made by automatic translators will be sent back to the author for corrections.
  • Abstracts will be published in an conference roceeding.
  • Conference proceeding will be available in printed form.


Poster participation

  1. The posters will be presented in printed form on stands.
  2. Poster size: 105 x 114,5 cm (width x height) or 100 x 150 cm (width x height)
  3. Recommended font: Arial, Tahoma, Calibri
  4. Recommended font size: 48 (title), 38 (name of author(s)), 28 (institutional affiliations), 33 (titles), 23 (text)
  5. References should be added
  6. Poster will be written in English.


  • Filling in the application form on the website by 07 February 2022
  • Sending abstract of the study on e-mail: by 28 February 2022
  • Conference fee payment by 14 March 2022 (save the payment document)
  • Date of conference 25-26 May 2022



Each participant of the conference is asked to book accommodation himself/herself. 

We recommend following accommodations located close to the conference venue.


Address: A. Sokolíka 2, 036 01 Martin
Tel.: +421 43 4012077


Address: Kuzmányho 24, 036 01 Martin
Tel.: +421 43/413 15 23


Address: V. P. Tótha 10318/1A, 036 01 Martin
Tel.: +421917 941 500