Jessenius Faculty of Medicine
in Martin
Comenius University Bratislava

Research Projects

Running Projects

Trust in the relationship between patients with chronic illness and healthcare professionals: an interpretative phenomenological analysis
VEGA 1/0276/21
Main Investigator: Juraj Čáp

Professionalism and Ethics in Nursing
KEGA č. 008UK-4/2021
Main Investigator: Katarína Žiaková

Implementation of the methods of objective structured clinical evaluation into the educational process of students of health care study programmes
KEGA 025UK-4/2021
Main Investigator: Ivan Farský

Finished Projects

VEGA Projects

Dignity of patients with neurological disease in the context of healthcare: Interpretative phenomenological approach
VEGA 1/0090/17
Main Investigator: Katarína Žiaková

The Prevalence Identification and Analysis of Patients' Aggression against Nurses
VEGA 1/0217/13
Main Investigator: Martina Lepiešová

The Problem of Suffering in the Life of Modern Man
VEGA 1/0100/10
Main Investigator: Mária Nemčeková

Spirituality – From Theoretical Background to the Practical Consequences
VEGA 1/0215/10
Main Investigator: Katarína Žiaková

The Impact of Education on the Prevention of Diabetic Ulcers
VEGA no. 1/4286/07
Main Investigator: Jana Nemcová

Category Gender - the Possibility of Using
VEGA no. 1/3608/06
Main Investigator: Mária Nemčeková

The Issue of Death and Dying Man. Practical Implications of the Theory
VEGA no. 1/2484/05
Main Investigator: Katarína Žiaková

Philosophical Basis of Nursing
VEGA no. 1/0036/03
Main Investigator: Mária Nemčeková

Authenticity and Co-Being As a Dimension of Human Life
VEGA no. 1/9000/02
Co-Investigator: Juraj Čáp

Philosophical possibilities to overcome the Dichotomy between Knowledge and Medical and Nursing Practice
VEGA no. 1/7198/20
Main Investigator: Mária Nemčeková

Philosophical and Ethical aspects of Quality of Life of Patients Suffering from Chronic Pain
VEGA no. 1/41/79/97
Main Investigator: Mária Nemčeková

KEGA Projects

Interconnection theory and clinical nursing practice - the electronic training simulator
KEGA 043UK-4/2018
Main Investigator: Martina Tomagová

The quality of nursing care for selected groups of patients
KEGA č. 070UK-4/2017
Main Investigator: Edita Hlinková

Assessment of risk of falls - for education and practice
KEGA 048UK-4/2016
Main Investigator: Ivana Bóriková

Human Dignity in The Context of Death and Dying
KEGA 006UK-4/2014
Main Investigator: Juraj Čáp

Multimedial Textbook of Nursing Techniqes and Skills
KEGA 056UK-4/2013
Main Investigator: Katarína Žiaková

E-textbook: Nursing in Neurology
KEGA 049UK-4/2013
Main Investigator: Michaela Miertová

Multimedia E-textbook Special Procedures in Surgical Nursing
KEGA 050UK-4/2013
Main Investigator:  Edita Hlinkova

E-learning Education in Pediatric Nursing
KEGA 039UK-4/2012
Main Investigator: Anna Ovšonková

Measuring Tools in Gerontological Nursing - Creation of an Electronic Database
KEGA 054UK-4/2012
Main Investigator: Ivana Bóriková

Death and Awareness of Mortality
KEGA 021UK-4/2011
Main Investigator: Juraj Čáp

Reproductive and Sexual Health of Women in the Dimensions of Nursing and Midwifery
KEGA 143-046UK-4/2010
Co-Investigator: Anna Ovšonková

Nursing Dictionary
KEGA 3/5132/07
Main Investigator: Katarína Žiaková

Education in Nursing
KEGA č. 3/5134/07
Main Investigator: Jana Nemcová

Needs in Nursing
KEGA č. 3/4047/06
Main Investigator: Martina Tomagová

APPV Projects

The Issue of Nursing Diagnosis - Theoretical Background and Application in Nursing Practice
APVV SK-CZ-0151-09, Ministry MEB 0810029
Main Investigator: Katarína Žiaková

University Doctoral and Young Researcher Projects

Intervention Study – Educational Programme for Caregiver of Dying Patients.
University Grant No.UK 86/2013

Polysomnographic Examination with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
University Grant No. UK/62/2010

Coping in Families of Mentally Ill Child
University Grant No. UK/28/2009

Attitudes of Nurses to Care for the Dying
University Grant No. UK/41/2009

The Role of The Family in Care of The Dying
University Grant No. UK/39/2009

The Impact of Circadian Rhythms to Change the Levels of Nitric Oxide in Exhaled Air
University Grant No. UK/423/2008

The Identification of Mental Health Problems Among Children in Primary Schools
University Grant No. UK/76/2007

Monitoring of Blood Pressure in 14-15 Year Old Children in Martin County
University Grant No. UK/258/2006

Depressed Patient in the Context of Family
University Grant No. UK/197/2003

The Impact of Education on the Quality of Life of Diabetic
University Grant No. UK/191/2003

Nursing Opportunities In Promoting The Quality of Life in Menopause
University Grant No. UK/167/2002

The Structure of Awareness Death
University Grant No. UK/32/2002

International Visegrad Fund Projects

Quality of life of patients with diabetic foot ulcer in Visegrad countries - DIAFQOL
Standard Grant No. 21210329
Main Investigator: Jana Nemcová


Rationing – missed care: international and multidimensional problem
Main Investigator: Dominika Kalánková

Human Rights; Older People and End of Life - HUROPEL 2011, IP LLP ERASMUS

Theory, Research and Education in Nursing in Slovak and Norwegian Context - Project NIL-II 006 TRENNS