Jessenius Faculty of Medicine
in Martin
Comenius University Bratislava

Terms of exam

Requirements for final exam for General Medicine 

- Students sign up for the exam at latest 1 day before the exam date.

- Students sign out at latest 1 day before the exam date.

- If student cannot attend the final exam, he/she can be excused only for severe health complications within 5 days after the exam.

- Student is required to present Course Unit Record and ISIC card.

- The prerequisite of the exam is to obtain the credit in Histology and Embryology.

The exam in Histology and Embryology includes 2 parts :

• practical part - 3 slides (to pass at least two of them – well founded description and discussion),

oral part - 3 exam questions (general histology / cytology, organ functional histology, and embryology).

Both practical and oral parts of the exam are held on the same day.


prof. MUDr. Marian Adamkov, CSc.

vedúci Ústavu histológie a embryológie