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The current name AKAS (Academic Library and Audiovisual Center) was created by merging the workplaces of the Academic Library and Photolab and Audiovisual Center in 2012. The Photolaboratory and Audiovisual Technology Center (FLAB) has been established externally since 1962 as the OÚNZ workplace and subsequently since September 1, 1965 as an independent faculty workplace located in the university dormitory on Novomeského Street and in Malá Hora. The mission of FLAB was and still remains, to help the needs of teaching, research and presentation of the Jesenius Faculty of Medicine. In the first decades, tens of thousands of photocopies and microfilms of professional literature were made annually, gradually adapted to technical development, and the advent of xerography provided an opportunity to significantly increase the quality and quantity of lecture slides. With the advent and introduction of computer technology, the quality of the outputs also increased, and we were pleased that our participants also came from international congresses with an award for the quality of the visual presentation. With the introduction of multimedia projection, the classic presentation of slides was gradually reduced. The lectures were produced on computer technology and subsequently projected using multimedia technology. The introduction of video technology also brought significant changes. The demanding production of classic celluloid films and projection on complicated projectors was replaced by prompt camera technology with large-scale video projectors, which were installed in all the main lecture classrooms of the faculty. The development of the faculty and the advent of new technologies allows for the flexibility of lectures from anywhere. As part of the Building an Information Infrastructure project, the center acquired a number of techniques that are actively used for the presentation and creation of lectures.