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v Martine
Univerzita Komenského v Bratislave

Sčítanie obyvateľstva 2021

Dôležitá informácia pre zahraničných študentov!

Dear students, some of you may be aware that Census 2021  is currently taking place in Slovakia. As part of the process, all permanent and temporary residents must complete the online form  and provide the required information. 

If you hold a valid residence permit issued by the Department of Foreign Police, you MUST take part in Census and complete the online form by Wednesday 31st March 2021 midnight.

If you have never registered with the Department of Foreign Police, please ignore this email.

With any further questions, please contact your relevant study officer. We apologize for not providing you with this information earlier, however, we have only just received the clarification on this matter from relevant authorities today.

Online form - HERE. 

More info - HERE.